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WaveSpinner is a floatbased wave energy converter. The transmission system converts the up and down going movements of the float into a continued rotation of a couple of flywheels. A PM-generator vil be integrated in the flywheel system. A model in scale 1:20 has been tested in a wave tank at the University of Aalborg and at the test site in Nissum Bredning, Limfjord, Denmark.


The construction works. A video streamer shows HOW.
Patent registrered: DK BR 2006 00320

So far the machinery is made of ordinary bicycle parts in a frame of alloy .
Next step is to build a bigger prototype of non-corrosive materials. This is only one module. The idea is to combine many modules to a bigger wave power plant, WaveSpinners Connected.

WaveSpinner advantages.
The development- and business plan.(Danish version)
Latest PTO calculations based on test results.

A theory about the relations between
wave heights, wave lengths, wave periodes and absorption width.
Is there a maximum limit for building favourable floates?

Preliminary wave experiments, look here.
A homebuilt garden wavetank, look at fotos here.
The description of the building process (only in Danish, but with many pictures, 5 Mb in pdf).

Read more about WaveSpinner and other wave energy converters in Offshore Center Denmarks newsletter On/Off10.

The ocean climate, actual wave heights and directions.
Danish sea  conditions (wind, waves, surge, flow, temperatur, salt percentage)

Danish Wave Energy Association web.

Companies and investors, who would like to join the WaveSpinner project, can on request get more information about the technical details by contacting the inventor:

Povl-Otto Nissen
Povlonis Innovation
Tangevej 47 A,
6760 Ribe,
+45 7542 3933.
E-mail contact